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Scrap Zinc, Lead & Tin

Tin Recycling

Block Tin

Block Tin shall consist of clean tin solids with a minimum 98 % tin content, must be free of solders, or foreign metals and materials.
Equivalent to ISRI code RANCH.


Pewter shall consist of tin based tableware with a minimum 84 % tin, may include soda-fountain boxes and cast figurines.
Equivalent to ISRI code RANKS.

High Tin Babbitt

High Tin Babitt shall consist of clean tin based babit or barring material with a minimum 78 % tin.
Equivalent to ISRI code RAVES.

Solder Dross

Solder Dross shall contain high tin solder droppings and skimmings from solder etch plating operations.

Sn/Pb Solder Scrap

typical common solder consists of 60% tin and 40% lead

Lead Free Solder Scrap

to meet compliance for the EU WEEE and RoHS directives manufactures have switched to a lead free solder which is tin based and commonly contains 3-4% silver and up to 1% copper

Detining Can Scrap

Detining Can Scrap shall consist of tin plated steel scrap suitable for detinning.
Must be free of bimetal (steel/aluminum cans),
Material must be uncompressed, and handleable for stripping tanks.

Tin Scrap

Other Tin Scrap shall consist of any other tin based scrap materials not listed in the other grades.

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