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Scrap Zinc, Lead & Tin

Lead Recycling

Mixed Lead

Mixed Lead shall consist of assorted clean lead solids, may contain soft or hard lead materials but is to be free of, wheel weights, battery plates, drosses and type alloys.
Equivalent to ISRI code RADIO.

Battery Plates

Battery Plates shall consist of clean sorted lead/lead oxide battery plates and may not contain foreign materials such as plastic, or glass.
Equivalent to ISRI code Rails.

Battery Lugs

Battery Lugs shall consist of solid lead recovered from used batteries or battery production, must be free of oxide material and may not contain foreign materials such as plastic or glass.
Equivalent to ISRI code RAKES.

Lead Wheel Weights

Lead Wheel Weights shall consist of lead wheel balancing weights, May contain steel clips.
Equivalent to ISRI code ROPES.

Secondary Lead Ingot

Secondary Lead Ingot shall consist of recovered, remelted metalic lead scrap that is free of slag, dross and oxides. Size and weight of the ingot or sow should be clearly stated.

Mixed Common Babbitt

Mixed Common Babitt shall consist of lead bearings
Shall contain a minimum 8 % tin.
Similar to ISRI code ROSES.

Scrap Solder

typical common solder consists of 60% tin and 40% lead

Lead Free Solder Scrap

to meet compliance for the EU WEEE and RoHS directives manufactures have switched to a lead free solder which is tin based and commonly contains 3-4% silver and up to 1% copper

Lead Covered Copper Cable

Lead Covered Copper Cable Shall consist of soft lead covered insulated or uninsulated copper wire.
Must be uniform cable suitable for cable stripping operations.
ISRI code RELAY is included in this grade.

Lead Covered Cable Joints

Lead Covered Cable Joints shall consist of soft lead covered insulated or uninsulated copper wire joints.
Joints may be of various sizes and lengths.


Linotype shall consist of clean lead based line type, shall be free of dross.

Type Dross

Type Dross shall consist of the dross, skimmings or spillings from Linotype melting.


MonoType shall consist of clean lead based solid Mono or Block Type and may include, letter, logo or graphic type blocks.
May not include laminated engravings.

Lead Dross

Lead Dross shall consist of slag, dross, skimmings or spillings from lead meting operations,
this grade includes ISRI code RENTS.

Lead Oxide Residue

Lead Oxide Residue shall consist of recovered oxides and fine powders containing high percentages of non-metalic lead (Pb), Should be free of larger pieces or clumps of metalic lead and may not contain raw dross or skimmings.

Antimony Content Scrap

Antimony Content Scrap shall consist of clean solid Antimony Alloys.

Lead Scrap

Other Lead shall consist of any other miscellaneous lead materials that are not included or listed in other grades.

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